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  • 2021.01.04 - As of January 4th, for any corporate cross-border and Location Strategy work, please contact 
  • 2021.01.15 - Business Intelligence - Big Business for BSS? As companies embrace the power of Big Data they need more than algorithms. Peope still count, but where to find them, and what could it all mean for existing GBS and Shared Services Centers? We explore the topic in Outsourcing & More
  • 2020.11.23 - It's Time for Africa! An "overflow "destination" for European Business Services, or is there more to it? Read all about it in our latest Outsourcing & More editorial.
  • 2020.09.23 - Death of Distance 3.0? Increased work from home will allow the Business Services Sector to tap hitherto too remote talent pools. So claim the hopefuls. But are they right? Our opinion piece in Outsourcing & More magazine explores the answers
  • 2020.08.27 - Manufacturing nearshoring nirvana? Hopefulls for emerging Europe may find themselves dissapointed.   Learn about the issues and opportunities in this 5 minutes read
  • 2020.07.28 -If you thought the pandemic's economic downturn holds good news for recruiters in the Business Services Sector..., think again. See our latest outlook on what's ahead in Central Europe
  • 2020.07.20 - Never waste a good crisis...! Our latest Outsourcing & More column recommends IPAs/EDOs rethink their business models and operations if they want to keep pace with how corporations react to the Covid pandemic. Check the magazine here , or read your copy of the article on this site 
  • 2020.06.23 - Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Redrawing Europe’s Borders?As companies move closer to market they may run into unexpected challenges. Site Selectors Guild CEO Rick Weddle and Locationperspectives explore the impact COVID-19 is having on business facilities in Europe and around the world in a 12' podcast.
  • 2020.06.09 - Straight talk! with Emerging Europe's Andrew Wrobel on location and FDI opportunities in Emerging Europe post Covid. Listen to it here 
  • 2020.05.18 - Outsourcing & More features Locationperspectives' POV on the crisis as lead article
  • 2020.05.01 - Locationperspectives extends its reach and joins forces Business Location Consulting 
  • 2020.04.27 - Global Business Services: beyond the lockdown: Emerging trends, Implications and live panel with Danske Bank, Nasdaq, Telia and Western Union
  • 2020.04.23 -How Covid-19 affects corporate location decisions? fDi Intelligence reports on the Site Selectors Guild survey
  • 2020.04.20 - Locationperspectives to moderate two panel discussions at the 20 May CEE Business Services Virtual Summit
  • 2020.03.10 - Locationperspectives attends Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference in Atlanta
  • 2020.01.30 - Part of the CEE Outsouring Awards jury, Locationperspectives hands-out "Top BSC of the Year - Poland" award to 3M
  • 2020.01.23 - Pro Progressio's Wiktor Doktor interviews Locationperspectives about location options for business services
  • 2020.01.23 - Locationperspectives discusses "Poznan, Poland, Europe and the World on the BSS Map" at the 4th BSS Forum in Poznan


  • 2020.06.07 - Relocating for resilience? - A 5' read on risks and trade-offs facing corporate decisionmarkers
  • 2020.05.04 - A point-of-view on new deployment strategies for GBS and BPO post Covid-19

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