Shaping cross-border business

Location strategy

Typical client asks:

    • Is our list of location criteria complete

    • Which countries/cities to consider

    • Can we find the right talent

    • How to win the war for talent

    • Where to get incentives

    • On-, near-, offshore or layered

Footprint & sourcing optimization

Sample solutions:

  • Industry trends analysis/benchmarking

  • Deployment strategy frameworks

  • Country/city selection

  • Site/building search & technical due diligence

  • Acquisition, lease and incentive negotiation

Typical client asks:

  • One or multiple facilities

  • Consolidate on existing sites or new ones

  • Where to do what

  • Captive, outsource or hybrid

  • Are we still in the right spot

  • How to exit the site


Sample solutions:

  • Operations health check

  • Location alignment assessment

  • Existing sites' cost & KPI benchmarking

  • Oursourcing service provider identification & assessment

  • Process allocation optimization

  • Decent exist strategies


  • Many companies successfully adapt their products and services to local markets

  • Yet glocalization of governance, management structures, policies and procedures often lags

  • Bridging management practices and inter-cutural differences is key to realizing ramp-up planning, to avoiding costly learning curves, and to lay the basis for ongoing success


Sample solutions:

  • Identification of potential cultural gaps

  • Adapting projected site/facility surfaces and technical requirements to local imperatives

  • Aligning corporate HR policies/practices with local imperatives and employee anticipations/aspirations

  • Awareness trainings/workshops for locals and internationals


  • Lack of governance, insufficient resources and mismanagement account for 51% of causes that make cross-border implementations fail

  • Companies often underestimate implementation complexity, and only rarely have people with vast international experience to spare

  • Who to work with locally is another challenge 

Sample solutions:

  • Support identification, programming & direction, for example on:

    • Recruitment

    • Facility contracting, design & fit-out

    • Legal/fiscal structuring

  • Coaching and interim management


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