How many GBS sites do you need?

I did some analysis: the common practice is to have 5 sites. But take the SSON Research & Analytics Top 20 Most Admired SSOs and GBS for 2023 and you will find that well-performing GBS organizations can have anywhere from two to sixteen captive sites. So, what’s the right number?

Soup and GBS – The battles of the Baltic Titans

In the quiet corners of Northern Europe, a fierce yet friendly rivalry brews between Riga and Vilnius. The cities, each with its unique flair and personality, are locked in a perpetual contest. Recently, their tug-of-war extended to who has the better soup. A matter of personal taste, I would say. But what about their servings for Global Business Services? Is one better than the other?

Deglobalization...? Not in 2024!

There is much noise around deglobalization. Surely, like all bad news deglobalization sells. It enables opinion-makers, bespoke consultancies and reporters to caste themselves into the limelight by forcasting a grim future. But should business really expect a cataclysm over the next year?

Emerging Europe's Nearshoring Nirvana?

Across Emerging Europe, Covid has moved the discussion about corporate reshoring to the center stage of attention. Politicians, business leaders, analysists and consultants have jumped on the bandwageon. The "hopefuills" have not missed a beat, promoting their countries as the next Nirvana for reshoring. But are their hopes realistic? 

Time for Africa!

Most of us fear the unknown. That leads many GBS leaders to locate and expand operations in proven and "top-of-mind" locations . But GBS and the like already emply over 850,000 across the EU today. A number poised to grow by at least (% anually post-Covid. With many destinations "already taken" and increased recruitment challenges, companies need tio look for additional options.

Is the pandemic redrawing Europe's Borders?

As companies move closer to market their may run into unexpected challenges. Site Selectors' Guild CEO Rick Weddle and Locationperspectives explore the impact COvid-19 is having on business facilities in Europe and around the world in a 12' podcast.

Keep calm and carry on ...?!

What could the Covid pandemic really imply for Central Europe's Business Services sector? Is it the beginning of the end, or a pivot for how the sector operates? Let's asses the future scenarios for Business Services and answer the question whether the world ahead will be different from the one before Covid hit. 

Wanted: +190,000 employees by 2022

GBS and like operations posted a an annual emplyment growth in the 10 to 15% range through 2019. WIth notable differences between countriues and cities. Through 2022 growth rates should vary from 4 to 11%. This poses a grim outlook for GBS recruitment, particularly to fill more senior roles. What are the options?

Expanding GBS - But where?

GBS expanded/relocated across +90 locations world wide through the 2022-2023 period, What is your next move? Check-out our point of view on where's hot and where's not, including guidlines on how to optimize your GBS footprint.

Business Intelligence - Big Business for GBS?

As companies embrace the power of Big Data they need more than algorithms. Peope still count, but where to find them, and what could it all mean for existing GBS and Shared Services Centers? 

Never waste a good crisis

With the pandemic leading coporations to rethink their operations, government agencies and economic development organisations cannot sit still. They must keep pace to attract new and grow existing entreprise. But how?

Death of distance 3.0

If GBS have been long-challenged by a fierce war for talent, better times are coming. At least so say some. The view is fuelled by the recent embrace of remote work. Not just in Central Europe, but globally. Remote, so they hold, paves the way to accessing previously untapped talent pools. But are they right?

I could be wrong, but what if I'm not?

Responding to and recovering from the pandemic will only add to GBS leaders' workload. Read on to understand what GBS leaders should expect and what makes sense for them to do. 

FDI Opportunities on Emerging Europe

Straight talk! with Emerging Europe's Andrew Wrobel on location and FDI opportunities in Emerging Europe post Covid 19.

    Location options for business services

    ProProgressio's Wiktor Doktor interviews Locationperspectives about the options.


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